A message from Head of Department

The department offers a range of courses, allowing students to undertake coursework, design, research, or combination of these. Our courses are based on innovative teaching by leading experts and are delivered in design studios, seminars, workshops as well as lecturers. Fieldwork is an important part of many of our courses and students may choose to participate in overseas trips to undertake projects relevant to their study. Since 2003, our students have been performing fieldwork in South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan.

I believe each person has been created for a unique purpose. Architecture Department of Petra Christian University helps students understand and engage this purpose by providing an experience that integrates academics with social and spiritual development opportunities. Graduates are challenged to become individuals whose skills, integrity, environment awareness and sense of purpose distinguish them in the workplace and in the world.

I encourage all new students to get involved in academic activities and spare some times for socializing through many social events. Ideas are always welcome. Congratulation, from now on you are part of our big and vibrant family of Architecture Petra Christian University.


Surabaya, 20 June 2020

Head of Department

Prof. Ir. Lilianny Sigit Arifin, M.Sc., Ph.D