Geest van De Architectuur 2020 'Interwine'

07 Mar 2020

HIMAARTRA proudly presents GEEST VAN DE ARCHITECTUUR 2020 with the theme  "Intertwine"

The theme "Intertwine", which means to connect 2 things, is used to emphasize architecture's harmony among living creatures, the surrounding ecosystem, and most importantly the people.

This competition is open to undergraduates from all backgrounds and levels around the world. All works will be scored by professional juries with international standards.

It takes excellent technical and creative skills to create such well-crafted, narrative, and high quality images. So, go grab your cameras and win the prize!

Are you ready to intertwine?

For more information, please kindly contact:
-Evelyn Gunawan
Line ID : evelyn3003
Line ID : natashane99
-GADA 2020
Email :
Line ID : xcv1659s

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