The 8th Asian Contest of Architectural Rookie's Award

16 Agu 2019

Contest Topic: 'Symbiosis of Man and Nature' 


Having our own particular history and natural environment in each provinces, architecture and cities in Asia have created numerous diversified culture to show how to live with the nature. Yet, in the 20th century, overwhelming progress of science and technology urged human-being to conquer nature. And it caused the destruction of natural environments as well as the flattening of uniqueness of the region, under the name of globalization. 
Thus we expect creative and remarkable works of students aiming at a new vision for 'Symbiosis of Man and Nature' of 21st century. 



The contest is open to architecture students at undergraduate and graduate levels except for final-year students as of November 2019, enrolled in universities in Asian countries and regions.

  1. Entries must be works by assignment given or had been given in your university. You can use either an assignment in 2019 or an assignment in the past.
  2. Entries to the contest must be original works that have not been previously published or submitted to any other competitions.
  3. Entries must be individual works. Collective works are not allowed to submit.
  4. Entries should be a project made as coursework at universities.
  5. Participants should be on their 3rd-year level (maximum).



  • Design concept
  • Diagrams that explain the issue, site, activity program and the design solution. 
  • The concept should be explained in a visual way, such as: site plan, layout plan, elevations, sections, exterior and/or interior perspectives, and architectural detail
  • Participants are allowed to add other drawings to support the design concept
  • The drawings should be scalatic (bar scale is allowed)
  • The products have to be presented digitally.
  • Participants are not allowed to state any kind of identity in the panel
  • Projects must be presented in English
  • All projects will be submitted online as a file with terms of:
  • - paper size: A3 (portrait or landscape)
  • - maximum 2 pages
  • The copyright of the projects belongs to the participants
  • Best 25 projects will be exhibited at the final round on 12th of September 2019 and published on rookies’ award instagram and its media partner
  • The judges’ and committees’ decisions are absolute.



Projects are submitted via e-mail to : with the terms of: 

  • Softcopy PDF with the minimal resolution of 300dpi



Project Submission Deadline : 23rd of August 2019

First Judging Round : 29th of August 2019

Top 25 Announcement : 29th of August 2019

Top 10 Announcement and Presentation of the finalists : 12th of September 2019

The Winners Announcement   : 12th of September 2019



  1. Yongil Lee -  President of Asia United Architecture Association
  1. Rudy Kelana - Wahana Architects
  1. Ketut Arthana - Arte Architect & Associates



1st place : Rp. 5.000.000 + Certificate

2nd place : Rp. 3.000.000 + Certificate

3rd place : Rp, 2.000.000 + Certificate

Favorite Project : Prize  + Certificate

*voting will be held offline and online waiting further notice



Instagram :

Website : 



NAME : Sylviana Putri

PHONE NUMBER : 0878-5400-6801

Line ID: sylviana_92

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  2. RA 008
  3. RA 010
  4. RA 013
  5. RA 014
  6. RA 018
  7. RA 020
  8. RA 022
  9. RA 026
  10. RA 043
  11. RA 044
  12. RA 045
  13. RA 047
  14. RA 051
  15. RA 056
  16. RA 059
  17. RA 060
  18. RA 061
  19. RA 065
  20. RA 066
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