29 Mei 2016

01 MARCH 2017

Sustainable Environmental Architecture & Empathic Architecture

Sustainable domain is an un-avoidable issue to be concerned by architectural design education, praxis and practice/profession. This issue deals with social and environmental concern, which should empathetically acknowledge the impact of architecture to society and living environment. Real sustainability issue initially comes from ethics, which is from love, empathy, self-reflection and humility of human being to their society and environment (Widodo, 2014).  Living in the earth for the 21st century where climate change and global warming issues are becoming more essential to be designed and covered up circumspectly toward sustainable architectural constructed environment. Additionally, it should empathetically address the needs of the users beyond being a physical object of expression only (Kunihiro, 2014).

The international conference of SENVAR (Sustainable Environment Architecture) is an annual gathering for scientists, scholars, and architects in the forum of International Conference that focuses on the issue of sustainable architecture, which in 2017 will be the 17thconferences. Meanwhile, ICEA (International Conference on Empathic Architecture) was firstly initiated by Petra Christian University-Surabaya in 2014, which in 2017 will be the 2nd. These two conferences have different position to understand the issue of sustainable environment, one from the observation of architectural sciences, and the latter from the view of social impact, which is from the users. However, these two conferences have the same root and wisdom to concern sustainability, and have the same respect to ethically responsible to the earth.

In the year 2017, these two conferences will be joined together to define broader and integrated understanding of sustainability, would be named SENIC 2017. The conference organized by the Petra Christian University will cover in four main fields: Green-Architecture and Smart-Building Sciences, Eco-Friendly Building Structures and Constructions, Greenery Building Materials, and Livable, Healthy Urban Farming and Greenery Cities.

The objective goal of the conference is to rescue thoroughly, to maintain ecologically, to balance equitably and to create brilliantly a long-lived and healthy build environment among buildings and cities.

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