The 3rd International Conference On Emphatic Architecture (ICEA) 2019 "RETURN TO ZERO"

24 Apr 2019

Considering that empathy is the action of deeply understanding other feelings or experiences as if we feel or experience the same issue, “Empathic Architecture” is when architect decides the best solution for a design problem to make the designer and the user practically the same person. In the creation of architecture and built environment, empathy is not always found in architecture products, as architects pay more attention on aesthetic, function, structure and economic aspects of the products. At the end, users are always seen as objects. Therefore, ICEA is an international conference which encourage academicians, practitioners, researchers and related stakeholders to discuss about the application of empathic architecture.

In April 2019, Architecture Department, Petra Christian University will organize the 3rd ICEA with the main topic “RETURN TO ZERO”, to invite architects, building practitioners, decision makers, and researchers to take a moment to pause, and to re-think the impact of building developments towards our city, our history, our culture, and towards our children and ancestors.

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