11 Okt 2017

International Architecture and Urbanism Workshop 2017



Organized by Department of Architecture, Petra Christian University, and partially financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Surabaya has rich architectural heritage, and some of them are the Dutch colonial buildings.  As cultural heritage, the Dutch colonial buildings certainly have values that simply as a set of positive characteristics perceived in the buildings, such as historic values associated with people or events; aesthetic values of visual qualities and sensory experience, social values including spiritual, political; and economic or market values.  Values of every historic building are unique, with its own distinctive character that refers to the appearance of the overall shape of the building, its materials, craftsmanship, decorative details, interior spaces and features, as well as its site and environment.  The workshop is carried out to identify and document those distinctive character through site visits revealing a uniqueness of historic buildings especially buildings designed by H.L.J.M. Estourgie architects (1925-1957). Unlike many renowned Dutch architects in Indonesia, such as C. P. Wolff Schoemaker, Thomas Karsten, Henri Maclaine Pont, Eduard Cuypers, M.J. Hulswit, C. Citroen, H.L.J.M. Estourgie architect is almost unknown to architecture academic sphere in Indonesia.   Consequently, H.L.J.M. Estourgie projects are selected for this workshop trying to reveal the distinctive character of his building to the public.  Certainly, architecture students could learn from these colonial buildings of its uniqueness and values, and gain knowledge about the past that will inspire expression for future design of new buildings.



The objectives of this workshop are:

·         To identify style and overall visual character of a building and its setting.

·         To document what have been changed in time, additions and elimination of the building elements, and how it was used and conserved.

·         To offer students with international experience through communication and collaboration with students of different backgrounds.



·         Johannes Widodo, Ph.D.

      Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore

·         Timoticin Kwanda, Ph.D.

       Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Petra Christian University



Undergraduate architecture students (minimum of third year) from various architecture schools in Indonesia and abroad.



Application deadline     : 28 July 2017

Workshop                   : 07 – 12 August 2017



Day 1: opening lectures, workshop brief and grouping, city sightseeing and welcome dinner

Day 2: registration, site visit, and studio work

Day 3: registration, site visit, and studio work

Day 4: registration, site visit, and studio work

Day 5: presentation and exhibition preparation

Day 6: final presentation, exhibition (continued on 14-25 August 2017), and farewell dinner

Note: the workshop is equal to 2 credits, and students must consult with their home university for transferring the credits.       



Registration fee is 150 USD (including local transportation, lunch, welcome and farewell dinner, studio workstation, and certificate of completion). Foreigner participants should provide their own accommodation, air flight tickets, visa, health insurance and personal expenses.

IDR 1000000 For Local Participant



Department of Architecture, Petra Christian University



Timoticin Kwanda, Ph.D.;

Eunike Kristi Julistiono, M.Des.Sc.;



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